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With The Free Throw Doc

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The Free Throw Doc's shooting stats:
98% Free Throw Shooter
100% out of 100 Free Throws 117 times
200 in a row 7 times
All time record of 260 consecutive free throws
11 medals out of 12 entries in the Senior Olympics





I've now made over 100 free throws in a row 117 different times - to accomplish this has been a step by step process. For several years I could not get into the 90% range, but that is now routine.  I studied the masters - got their books, their films - and consulted with my favorite teacher, Ed Palubinskas. Then I shot thousands of shots, hour by hour and now have authority at the line. In my process you will learn the difference between authority and confidence, and you will learn that it is physical principles and not mental concentration. Let's get started.

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